Tristate Bolt Company

Project: Steel Plate Templates

Situation: Tristate makes heavy-duty anchor bolts that are used in large roadside billboards, light poles, and the like. The company approached QuikCut in 2013 to fabricate the steel plates that house its anchor bolts and allow these structures to be bolted securely into the ground. Several of Tristate’s clients operate under extremely tight deadlines, and an almost immediate turnaround time was an agreed-upon stipulation of QuikCut and Tristate’s initial engagement.

Solution: With multiple project managers and multiple laser cutting machines in operation at the same time, QuikCut is well equipped to facilitate expedited turnarounds. QuikCut also has a large inventory of steel on site to help eliminate any potential downtime in the fabrication process.

Success: Since 2013, QuikCut has been able to satisfy Tristate’s delivery and quality requirements. As a result, the companies have cultivated a relationship that has grown significantly in volume. QuikCut is now Tristate’s preferred provider, and the two companies often pitch (and win) new business projects together.

Quote: “QuikCut has become an extremely valued supplier for Tristate Bolt Company. QuikCut’s ability to meet or exceed our customer’s required lead times is often a major factor in winning contracts.”


Project Lead


Project Lead