H&E Machines

Situation: H&E had some not-so-great experiences with other suppliers before approaching QuikCut back in 2007. Late delivery of products, poor workmanship, and miscommunication had made the company wary of potential new vendor relationships. Nonetheless, it engaged QuikCut to fabricate some parts for its machine shop.

Solution: QuikCut always welcomes the chance to show its clients how dedicated it is to not only getting the job done, but also getting it done with honesty and integrity. QuikCut accepted H&E’s business with enthusiasm, anxious to deliver the company its parts, along with some much-needed peace of mind.

Success: QuikCut has been fabricating a variety of parts for H&E for the better part of seven years now. QuikCut has always fulfilled its obligations on time and budget, which has allowed H&E to conduct its business without interruption, and with an appreciation for a supplier that actually does what it promises.

Quote: “Not only does QuikCut provide quality parts in a timely manner, but their employees are great people to deal with, great attitude, and always provide us with the answers and support we need.”


Project Lead


Project Lead